What I Do

Publish limited edition artists' books

Under the imprint of Ravenpress, I've published over 60 titles in limited editions. See them here.

Create Artists' Books

I define artists' books as unique, interactive, sculptures realized in the form of the book. Learn more about my artists' books here.

Box Works

I create small environments as containers for images, text and objects. Learn more about my box works here.


I've had the good fortune to work collaboratively with other visual artists. I look forward to future collaborative opportunities. This section is of the site is incomplete.


I am an independent curator and founder of Abecedarian Artists Books. I work with contemporary book artists exhibiting and placing their work in private and public collections. Click here to visit the Abecedarian Artists Books website.


My studio has an ongoing internship program, either for college credit or private arrangement. I am available for one-to-one mentorships. I no longer teach workshops.

Contact me to learn more.