Questions Volume XII


This series uses text from Pablo Neruda’s 1974 Book of Questions , with the 1991 English translations by William O’Daly. The single signature consists of a translucent outer sheet of Japanese paper, printed on one side from a woodblock in one color, a text page of laser etched paper with a colored Moriki core and center page that is gate folded, opening to a 15.75 x 7.5 inch image. The printed images are created from a variety of printing blocks with pochoir additions. The signature is pamphlet stitched into a German case. The interior paste down is book cloth handprinted from a relief block, the spine is leather (varies within the edition) handprinted from a relief block, the inset title label is laser etched with a Moriki core.
Book of Questions LXVII, text © Pablo Neruda, translation © 1991 William O’Daly, Copper Canyon Press Can you love me, syllabary, and give me a meaningful kiss? Is a dictionary a sepulchre or a sealed honeycomb? In which window did I remain watching buried time? Or is what I see from afar what I have not yet lived?
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