Two Plus - Luthier

About this work

This piece is part of the Two Plus series of box works. It is

    © 2013
  • Dimensions (in inches): 7 x 6.75 x 5
  • Materials:

    Florentine paper purchased by Thomas E. and Marcia Bailey during a trip to Italy mid 1980's, etching printed from steel plate from Thomas E. Bailey 's workshop in Denver, Colorado, Mica processed and sold by then Tar Hills Mica Factory in North Carolina - the factory was in business from 1932 - 2007 , reproduction of photograph of Thomas E. Bailey ca. 1956. Image includes the hand of Marcia Bailey on his neck, wire used for stringing harpsichords (.0111 P. B. r.) from Thomas E. Bailey's shop, laser prints surface treated with acrylic, steel pins, Japanese paper, silkscreen printed borders, printed by Thomas E. Bailey for use as surface adornment on Flemish style harpsichords, reproduction of Paul Gauguin's study of native women, 1887, hand shaped acrylic, wood and steel components used as tools and jigs by Thomas E. Bailey in the building of harspichords, laser printed texts from the notebooks of Thomas E. Bailey, aluminum/paper/string ID tag with graphite text laser toner with silver laser foil of cloud design (source of design, source book from shop of Thomas E. Bailey), red beads of unknown material, wood and steel hook tool from Thomas E. Bailey's shop, 24 kt. gold leaf, cutting tool made by Thomas E. Bailey of plastic tubing of hand shaped steel. , Plastic tube handle of above tool is filled with ash from Thomas E. Bailey's cremated remains, extruded acrylic panel laser etched with scanned text from Thomas E. Bailey's notebook.

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