Animal Mineral Vegetable 11



    © 2021
  • Dimensions (in inches): 3.25 x 9 x 2
  • Materials:mica, paper, thread, brass, plant, bird, insect, reptile specimens, leather, lake specimen, ink, acrylic
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


The five pages of this book are made with mica, Moriki paper, plant materials gathered from my yard & favorite forests, feathers & snake skin sheds from a nearby wetland & butterfly specimens from an inherited archive. Each page is edged with Moriki paper, as are the covers. The covers are made with collaged leather, using a technique called Lacunose, over book boards. The binding is a wire edge style using brass rods & linen thread. Book label is laser etched mica over seed fluff and paper. Housed in a box of book board covered with custom painted book cloth. A partial carp skeleton from Jackson Lake is attached to a Lacunose tray base. The tray platform is cast acrylic with Moriki paper edging. The box labels are laser etched mica over paper.

The common elements in the Animal, Mineral, Vegetable are primarily material based. The pages are made from thin sheets of mica which limits the size and shape of the books in the series. As the specimens must flatten between the mica sheets, the animal elements are mostly feathers, bits of snake skin, butterfly and moth wings. It is far easier to flatten plant material elements so there is a bigger variety in the vegetable category. Starting with number 9, I switched from using hardwood covers to collaged leather (Lacunose) over book board covers.