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Artists' Books (one of a kind works)

My books are held in private, public and special collections worldwide. This is an archive site of ALL of my work. For a searchable and more focused selection, along with purchase information and exhibition history, please visit my wordpress site.

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39.87591, -105.45287
336 by E Dickinson
9th Key
A Gift
A Heart Can Harden
Alchemy Mounds
An Incomplete Abecedary
And Then I Woke Up One
And Then I Woke Up Two
Animal Mineral Vegetable 1
Animal Mineral Vegetable 2
Animal Mineral Vegetable 3
Animal Mineral Vegetable 4
Animal Mineral Vegetable 5
Animal Mineral Vegetable 6
Animal Mineral Vegetable 7
Animal Mineral Vegetable 8
Animal Mineral Vegetable 9
Animal Mineral Vegetable 10
Animal Mineral Vegetable 11
Animal Mineral Vegetable 12
Animal Mineral Vegetable 13
Animal Mineral Vegetable 14
Animal Mineral Vegetable 15
Animal Mineral Vegetable 16
Attic Hinterlands
Autumn unique
Baby Ruth One
Bliss for Morgan
Bleak to Happy
Boats Summer 1901
Book of Hours 1
Book of Hours 2
Book of Hours v.3
Book of Ruth
Book of Young Women and Proverbs
Boston 1901
Burning Me Open
Camp Craft
Ceremonial Gowns
Compendium of Collage
Curiously Attached
Cycle of Baal
December 1 The Hunt
Dickinson Suite
Disciplines and Privileges
Drawings on Graph Paper v. 2
Drawings on Graph Paper
Education of Girls
Endangered 1
Endangered 2
Endangered 3
Essential Acts
Eyes Wide Shut
Fat Days
Figure Drawing
Fond One
Fond Two
Forest Foraging
Forest Sphere - Hoh Rain Forest
Forest Sphere - Roosevelt Forest
Forest Sphere - Willamette Forest
From Brown Seeds
From This Place
Girl to Miss
Hair 2001
Hearts for Marcia
Ice Storm
Importance of Growth
In this dream you are still here
Indian Floral Patterns
Is This Home
Journeying to Joy
Kick to the Heart
Leak Contain
Lets Go Outside
Mars and Venus
May 5, 1901
May 5
Measure Control
Melon Persicum
Memory Triggers One
Milk Snake Story
Minute v.1
My Sacred Marriage
Nails One
Nature V 1
No Worry
Orison One
Orison Two
Orison Three
Orison Four
Passion Promise Secret
Pheonix Prayer
Physica Metals
Physica Plants
Physica Reptiles
Physica Stones
Physica Trees
Picture Book
Pictures and Anagrams
Pillow Books
Plant Identification
Plants Used For
Popillia Japonica
Primary Colors
Remembering Kirk
Rock Books
Rock House
Sea Bits
Secondary Colors
See Oh
Sense of Wonder One
Shape and Weight of Belief
Shell Book One
Shell Book Two
Shell Book Three
Shell Book Four
Silver Lining
Solo Navigations
Someone Like You
Spark of Life
Specimens 1
Stone to Star
Stray Birds One
Stray Birds Two
Stray Birds Three
Stray Birds Four
Stray Birds Five
Stray Birds Six
Stray Birds Seven
Stripey Lake
Summer 2019
Tell Me Now
Tertiary Colors
The Road to Canton Mine
This Time Is
Tile Paintings
To Value Goodness
Tool Box
Tree Cankers
Turning to Duff
Turtle Dreams
Two Rivers
Walking the Weminuche
Water of the Flesh
Weasel One
What Is Going On Here
Why the Tree Loves
Wind Water Stone
Woods Eternal
Yearning for Morgan