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I began publishing under the Ravenpress imprint in 1996. Ravenpress publications are held in private, public and special collections worldwide. Although several titles are out of print, those that are still available can be purchased via the links in the footer of this page.

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Ab miniature
Alphabet of Desire Boxed
Alphabet of Desire miniature
Alphabet of Desire
Autumn Editioned
Atropa Mandragora
Beach House
Bliss edition
Book of Questions Volume 1
Book of Questions Volume 2
Book of Questions Volume 3
Book of Questions Volume 4
Book of Questions Volume 6
Book Questions Volume 5
Box of Eros
Burning Me Open edition
Campfire Cookery
Celestial Sonnet
Cities and Eyes
Cities and Skies
Compact Beauty
Crystalline Flower
Euxoa Auxiliaris
Evanesco - a selection of beleaguered frogs
Every Step a Lotus
Extinct Extant
Furnace Creek
Greetings from the Redwood Highway
Green is the Vein
Isms Volume 1
Isms Volume 2
Haiku Box
Hunting the Burn
L and A Photo Albums
Lash Lure
Last Gods
Mexico Stories
Minute v.2
Minute Volume 3
Minute Volume 4
Minute Volume 5
Mother's Gall Stones
O of October
Opening a Shell
Perfumed Garden
Poised for Flight
Questions Dreams
Questions Volume IX
Questions Volume VII
Questions Volume VIII
Questions Volume X
Questions Volume XI
Questions Volume XII
Raven and Peacock
Rerooting with box
River editioned
Rumi miniatures
Safe as Houses Entrance
Seven Deadly Sins mini
Seven Deadly Sins
Sinking to Heaven
Skinning Blue
Stone to Star edition
Tanka Box
Thank You Rice
Theia Mania
There Are Names
To Live
Tongue Tied
Tool box editioned
Tree Within
Two Hearts
What is Going On Here
What Is Going On Volume 3
Wildflower Identification