Animal Mineral Vegetable 8


    © 2019
  • Dimensions (in inches): 6.6 x 10.8 x 1
  • Materials:mica, copper foil, tyvek, thread, acrylic, HM paper, snakeskin shed, plant and insect specimens, wood, book board, book cloth
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


The four mica pages in this book use mica that has been mined far below the surface. It has naturally occuring black marks that mimic gestural ink marks. This marked mica is stronger and is typically from larger blocks, hence the relatively large page size. Aside from the black markings it is exceptionally clear. The pages, although cut to the same shape and size, alternate in orientation to create a diamond shaped book. Book covers are lined with Interocean Curiosity Studio custom handmade sheets with plant inclusions, surface treated with acrylic past. Bound across the spine with shaped hardwood covers.

The common elements in the Animal, Mineral, Vegetable are primarily material based. The pages are made from thin sheets of mica which limits the size and shape of the books in the series. As the specimens must flatten between the mica sheets, the animal elements are mostly feathers, bits of snake skin, butterfly and moth wings. It is far easier to flatten plant material elements so there is a bigger variety in the vegetable category. All have hardwood covers, most of the pages edges are wrapped with copper foil and all are housed in custom boxes.