Atropa Mandragora


Text and images are based on the legend of
the Mandrake. The mandrake is among the most well known of magical plants. According to legend, it was moulded out of the same clay as that from which Adam was created. Madrakes have a root that resembles a human figure. Throughout history, worldwide, the mandrake has been prized for its medicinal or aphrodisiac properties, or as a talisman.The mandrake plant has opposing uses being valued both as an aphrodisiac and as an ingredient to minimize ‘uncouthness’ in both men and women.

Comes in a clamshell box accompanied by pamphlet detailing mandrake legends and lore.

Text by Alicia Bailey
University of Denver, Penrose Library Special Collections holds the archive and process materials for this work. Also in collections at Colorado College, University of Louisville