Bleak to Happy


    © 2023
  • Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 10.8 x 1.125
  • Materials:Book: paper, graphite, watercolor/gouache, ink, colored pencil, surface manipulated/dyed leather, hot foil, copper, wood, thread Box: book board, book cloth, surface manipulated/dyed leather, HMP, brass, hair on cow hide, pencil (as object), pigment inkjet prints on paper
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


A pamphlet book bound using staples rests alongside a portfolio of digital reproductions of the book pages and graphite pencil in a three compartment case with a gate fold cover. Book covers are surface treated goat, box doublures and tray linings are hair-on cowhide.

Bleak to Happy was created using strategies for managing anxiety and its side-kick depression. Word games, doodling, stream of conscious and overwriting, helped me attain the state of mind required for fine craft work. I didn't plan that the overwritten pages would evolve into a finished work when I started my random doodlings. I proceeded at a slow and erratic pace. The project exemplifies one of many inward journeys I've been forced to take to wrangle with anxiety and depression. These journeys seem inevitable; I find a combination of writing, doodling and handwork helps me along the way.

Word ladder: bleak, bleat, cleat, clept, clapt, claps, slaps, soaps, soapy, soppy, sappy, happy.