Bliss for Morgan


    © 2016
  • Dimensions (in inches): 6.25 x 5.25 x .7
  • Materials:Morgan HM paper (3 types), book board, book cloth
  • Collection of: private collection


My favorite yoga teacher often starts our classes with this quote. I asked him for the source and he sent me to a book called Bicycling Bliss by Portia H. Masterson. While trying to contact the author for permission to use her words, I learned that she died a few years ago. So I continue spreading her good words in the form of this little tunnel book. The pages are lasercut and etched; when fully extended the tunnel book opens to 5.5 inches.
Bliss is an enduring form of contentment derived from being fully present and practicing simplicity, moderation, self nurture, reflection and conscious breathing. Bicycling Bliss, Portia H. Masterson © 2004