Questions Volume XI


This series uses text from Pablo Neruda’s 1974 Book of Questions , with the 1991 English translations by William O’Daly. The single signature consists of a translucent outer sheet of Japanese paper, printed on one side from a woodblock in one color, a text page of laser etched paper with a colored Moriki core and center page that is gate folded, opening to a 15.75 x 7.5 inch image. The printed images are created from a variety of printing blocks with pochoir additions. The signature is pamphlet stitched into a German case. The interior paste down is book cloth handprinted from a relief block, the spine is leather (varies within the edition) handprinted from a relief block, the inset title label is laser etched with a Moriki core.
Book of Questions LXVIII, text © Pablo Neruda, translation © 1991 William O’Daly, Copper Canyon Press When does the butterfly read what flies written on its wings? So it can understand its itinerary, which letters does the bee know? And with which numbers does the ant subtract its dead soldiers? What are cyclones called when they stand still?
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