Campfire Cookery


This book presents a selection of photographs, food tips and recipes from the archive of Ruth Wheeler tipped into Hedi Kyle’s Panorama Landscape structure. The unfolding structure is held closed with a rigid wrap around cover then cased into hard covers. Ruth Wheeler (my great aunt) was a Camp Fire Girl leader in Denver for many decades. Her 'girls' had daughters who also were in groups led by Ms. Wheeler. Those daughters had daughters and some of them were in Ms. Wheeler's groups. Many of her 'girls' became life long friends of Ruth that I met at various gatherings when I was a child. Going through the original photographs Ruth took over the years has been an engaging activity for me; some of the girls are pictured multiple times and I wonder if they are the among the ones Ruth kept in touch with over her long life. I even small crushes on some of these girls, and a bit of envy for what some of their day or week-end long excursions with my Aunt Ruth may have been like.
text from Book of the Camp Fire Girls, 1958 edition, published by Camp Fire Girls, Inc. Text and illustrations from Camp Fire Cookery for Camp Fire Girls published by the Kellog Company (publication date unknown) Photographs scanned from originals taken by Ruth Wheeler during the years 1944-1950
University of Denver, Duke University, University of Vermont, University of Washington