Compact Beauty - book in cosmetic case


Media myths are presented in the form of absolute truisms as is typically found in women’s magazine
ads and articles. These are presented along with images of girls/women that are either also taken from the same sources but appear nonetheless to be out of context. On the bottom hinged platform is an image of a type popular in Victorian times which initially appears rather chaste but changes radically when the woman’s head is covered and the image is viewed in the provided mirror.
Text taken from articles and advertisements in women's magazines. Know this: beauty matters. It is magic offering a 1st class journey through life as the 2nd sex. Any American Girl worth her salt can look like a living doll. The real profit is in cosmetics for young girls, taught to identify themselves through pleasures and desires of the adult gaze. After beauty follows the job, the money, the love . . . having it all. Maybe YOU will be the one whose life is transformed.
Archives housed at University of Denver Penrose Library Special Collections. Also held by Yale University, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, Emory University, Scripps College, University of Miami, University of Washington, University of Virginia, private collections