Cosmeceutical Collection


Box containing 3 limited edition books: Belladonna, Lash Lure, Compact Beauty
Belladonna: Three accordian books detail various aspects of the Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade). This plant, although toxic, has been used by women medicinally and as an aid to beauty.
Lash Lure: Lash Lure was the product that prompted FDA involvement with cosmetics in the 1930’s. This book tells the Lash Lure story.
Compact Beatuty: Media myths are presented in the form of absolute truisms as is typically found in women’s magazine ads and articles. These are presented along with images of girls/women that are either also taken from the same sources but appear nonetheless to be out of context. On the bottom hinged platform is an image of a type popular in Victorian times which initially appears rather chaste but changes radically when the woman’s head is covered and the image is viewed in the provided mirror.