Cycle of Baal



    © 2004
  • Dimensions (in inches): 15 x 12 x 1
  • Materials:paper, acrylic, laser toner, leather, book board
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


Seven original paints bound as a drum leaf present one of the many tales about how the planet earth came to be. Front and back covers are debossed, leather spine with surface applied acrylic inks.
The atmosphere was limitless and timeless and there arose a wind which blew in a single direction. And the wind fell in love with its original and turned back upon itself, giving birth to Desire, the origin of all things . . .Desire gave birth to Mot, a putrefied aqueous mixture which appered in the form of an Egg - from which emerged first unconscious beings, then conscious beings and finally those who could contemplate the sky!