Dickinson Suite - Desire, Dream, Fire, Vastness

    © 2007
  • Dimensions (in inches): Each individual book is 5.75 x 4.25 x .375
  • Materials:mulberry, inket, Pamela Smith marbled papers, Canson mi tientes, Akua ink, acrylic mediums, various pigments, wax, leather, mica, bone ash, butterfly, feathers, thread, bead
  • Collection of:Book Arts Collection at the University of Washington



Each of these four books is a stiff leaf binding with handprinted pages using stencil/etching press technique. center spread print from zinc plate. The end pages are laserprinted text of scans from the journals of Ruth Wheeler on papers handmarbled by Pamela Smith. Scans of photos taken by Ruth Wheeler are digitally printed and tipped in. Page edges tinted with metallic pigments. Title page/colophon tipped in laserprint on Canson mi Tientes. Title has hand applied metallic pigment. Covers are board textured various acrylic products with applied wax/pigment. Circular recessed areas house cremated bone ash (Fire), butterfly (Desire & Dream), feathers/thread/bead (Vastness), and are lined with leather and covered with mica.
The texts are from Emily Dickinson' Complete Poems, © 1924. The text in Desire is Part One: Life Poem 131; in Dream is Part One: Life Poem 33; in Fire is Part One: Life Poem 133; in Vastness is Part Four: Time & Eternity - Poem 84.