Forest Sphere - Hoh Rain Forest



    © 2021
  • Dimensions (in inches): 7 x 6.2 x 6.2, opens to 20 x 20 x 6
  • Materials:wood, book board, book cloth, paper, oil, acrylic on paper, mica, brass, natural specimens cast in epoxy resin, wax, nut
  • Collection of: Baylor University Libraries, Special Collections


One of a series of three sculptural book works housed in a custom box. The book object is a series of 5 vertically stacked, round wood slices bound with a single post. Each slice has round cavities that hold various specimens collected from the Hoh rain forest floor in 2018. The specimens are cast in epoxy and over glazed with mica. The box structure has a removable lid with four drop down walls. Three walls have original oil paintings on surface treated paper, the fourth wall has a laser engraved text panel. Colophon is recessed on the underside of the box.
My first visit to the Hoh Rain Forest was with someone who hurried through, filling the air with sound. We never got out of the car. On my second visit I was able to wander for hours along silent trails. The old trees, dense and dripping with foliage, seemed to absorb sound. I notice my reluctance to speak mirrored in others I encounter. After days of this quiet, my psyche and feelings of good will towards others are shattered when I encounter a middle- aged couple hiking along, music blasting from their portable speaker.