From Brown Seeds


    © 2015
  • Dimensions (in inches): 4.5 x 4.7 x .85
  • Materials:paper, ink, seeds, mica, cave paper, pigskin, glass, thread, book board.
  • Collection of: Bainbridge Island Museum of Art


Part long-stitch binding and part drum-leaf binding, this hybrid form explores the creation of thick, rigid pages from groups of signatures drummed along the top, bottom and fore-edges. With this format, window cut outs through the text block become double sided cavities in which physical objects are housed.

An ongoing interest of mine are interactive structures based on traditional book forms that house objects in addition to surface printed images and words. From Brown Seeds Grows Green houses two glass tubes filled with seeds trapped in a window cut-out and protected with flat panes of mica. This thick, rigid pages, along with a title and signature colophon, are the only pages of the text block.

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