From This Place


    © 2002
  • Dimensions (in inches): 10.7 x 7 .25 x 1.5
  • Materials:starch paste, acrylic, laser transfer, collage elements, ink, metal leaf, paper, thread, museum board, cloth tape
  • Collection of:artists collection (available)


This book features an exposed spine sewing sewn on tapes 30 pages with two foldouts creating a center spread and uses one of my own texts.
living in an incoherent hostile wilderness of days the eyes of others my prison their thoughts my cage my flesh so full like a plum bursting from an overipe sweet from this place i begin this the indescribable all the waters of the earth gather this place of edgelessness bound only by a beating rush through the air slowing to a flutter to a breathless quiet floating down at last to settle suspended in clear unwavering light again an earthly bound seed ripe and waiting the yawning void then yearn i wait my chance to begin again