Greetings from the Redwood Highway


Greetings from the Redwood Highway is an accordion that pairs the format of postcard booklets, popular in the early 20th Century, with personal narrative and brief essays on the contemporary status of the areas depicted. The interior images were created using scans of original postcards ca. 1914-1935. The outer wrapper uses a contemporary photograph digitally manipulated to mimic early 20th century colortone postcards. Postcard booklets were especially popular from the 1940s through the 1970s, an era when you could put a postage stamp on just about anything and it would get to its addressee.
Most of the images for the text block project are re-workings of cards from a souvenir postcard booklet of the same title, Greetings from the Redwood Highway, printed by Colourpicture Publishers, Inc., then published and distributed by Zan Starck Company during the first half of the 20th Century - the golden age of automobile travel. The Fallen Monarch is from a pre-1910 card printed in Germany. The outer wrapper images are digital re-workings of photographs taken by Scott Waknin in 2017. The texts are re-workings from various sources including wikipedia entries, and
private collections