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  • Dimensions (in inches): 4.35 x 3.6 x 1.7
  • Materials:book: paper, ink, gesso, colored pencil, wax, hot stamp foil, insect specimens, mica, goatskin, linen thread, museum board box: book board, paper, insect specimen, mica, box calf, goat
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


An across the spine binding of 7 rigid pages with insect specimen bits protected with mica overlays. The pages are bound on thin goat straps attached to separate covers, leaving the spine exposed. Each rigid page is edge wrapped with Moriki HMP. Surface manipulations of the pages include gesso, gouache, wax based colored pencil, hot stamp foil and beeswax. Title is hot foil stamped onto front cover. Housed in a drop-spine box that has a butterfly specimen with collaged paper elements overlaid with mica in the box tray. Tray walls are wrapped with blue box calf. The box is covered in gray goat lined with Moriki HMP. Title is hot stamped on paper on both spine and front cover, recessed.

Imago is a piece in an ongoing series of one of a kind books created while honing my skills and/or figuring out an unfamiliar binding. I have little interest in making blank books so come up with some basic content with which to fill the pages. A bit of text I've been thinking about, or using up leftover prints from previous project.