In this dream you are still here


    © 2023
  • Dimensions (in inches): 7.25 x 7.4 x 1.25
  • Materials:botanical printed paper, ink, gouache, laser toner, linen, thread, acrylic, leather, book board, suede
  • Collection of:University of Denver, Penrose Library Special Collections


A mingling of dream prompted snippets of memory in both text and image form, this book was bound in a Dos Rapporte binding with suede flyleaves, leather covered boards and a calf suede spine. Recessed label is toner transfer on paper. The images in the book are India ink drawings on botanical printed paper, hand-colored with gouache. Text is toner transfer. Housed in a custom drop-spine box with two trays - one for the book, the other holds an arrowhead pendant.
In this dream you are still here For 100 seasons, maybe more, we wandered high altitudes. So many rambles through alpine tundra. I leave the trail to squat & pea, and marvel at expanses of sturdy, tiny blooms. You, with an unerring sense of direction, grow impatient with my slow place wonder. I too readily lose myself. Too soon the air shifts. You call it brisk, I call it cold. Your eyes dance with anticipation. I clench stiff with dread of the coming dark days & freezing nights. Through long winters I pitch forward - yearning for a glimpse of springs limey green. You settle in, hunker down reluctant to leavae the bleak comfort you find in frozen ground and leafless limbs. I wake - remember that you left before you were gone. That I couldn't stay with just the shell of you.