Is This Home


    © 2018
  • Dimensions (in inches): 9 x 6 x 1 (closed)
  • Materials:book board, paper, 23 kt gold, acrylic, cherry, petrified wood, thread, oil paint, book cloth
  • Collection of: University of Utah Marriot Library Special Collections


From an ongoing series of Narrative Treasure works that are individually inspired by working with a particlar object - an object that evokes personal memory. Is This Home is an eight panel (including end pages) accordion book with hard covers, house in a box alongside the piece of petrified wood that provided a starting point for this work.
I know well the exhilaration felt in windswept tundra high above the timberline. The air, though thin, nurtures. In tumultuous skies I find solace. Now this, this land of petrified wood, cactus, relentless heat, punctuated by vast tracts of low growing sage - why so familiar? Struck dumb by certainty that I belong here; desperate with yearning. Oh - to be swallowed up by these vividly painted badlands.