Isms Volume 1


    © 2018

    size of edition: 40

    Dimensions (in inches):

    2 x 4 x 6.4
  • Materials:
  • paper, ink, laser toner, PVA
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Isms is a series of brief quotes, truisms or aphorisms presented in simple forms with containers appropriate to the text. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's quote on thinking is a great fit for the mobius, or endless circle, presentation. The background of the strip and the box exterior are designs created from the parametric description of a mobius strip, both in German and in English. The box exterior is screen printed in gray and black on index weight cover stock. The strip is also printed in gray and black on Cheloniidae Rag paper. The colophon insert is toner printed on white bristol. Thanks goes to Elke McGuire for her assistance with translation and to Lauren Winges for assistance with assembly.
Then only are we really thinking when the subject on which we are thinking cannot be thought out. Dass man gerade nur denkt, wenn man das, worüber man denkt, nicht ausdenken kann.
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