Lovely and Amazing Photo Album


This three album set, printed in a limited edition of four, is an arranged collection of photographs and copied out poems from the archive of Ruth Wheeler.
Tomboy includes the text of poems by Marion Langbell and Dorothy Shepard. Help Wanted includes the text of a poem without attribution. These Things We Will Remember includes the text of a poem by Don Blanding.
Each album has 16 pages, bound as a photo album with window cut outs in some of the pages, bound with tyvek pleats in a style learned from Hedi Kyle. The pages are cased into leather covers with a variation on a split board technique. Each album is housed in a chemise; the chemises are bound and held together with a wrap around cover with magnetic closure in a style adapted from Hedi Kyle’s multiple chemise structure. Each set includes a different original photograph (hence the variation in the edition) and paper label on the outside cover.
University of Denver, Penrose Library Special Collections
University of Washington Special Collections