Panorama Box - Longing


    © 2012
  • Dimensions (in inches): Box 3.25 x 6.25 x 8
  • Materials:Book board, shellac, acrylic paint, wax, cloth (linen,bookcloth) lasertransfer, extruded & cast acrylic (laseretched), paper, glass, mica, linen tape, mica, birds nest and egg remains, sand dollar, inkjet photographs, insect remains, plant seeds
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


Part of the Lovely and Amazing series, this compartmentalized box holds a panorama style book with panels (based on one of Hedi Kyle’s designs), as well as the remains of a birds nest with eggs, other bird egg remnants, in two compartments protected with mica. The book pages are laser etched fabric mounted on card stock. The book panels are backed with both inkjet prints of photographs taken by Ruth in the 1940’s and nature book page remnants overlaid with various specimens and laseretched acrylic. Recessed into the front cover is a sand dollar, overglazed with etched mica. On the underside of the box lid is a lens held in place with etched book board. The top lid of this box has text on fabric, again scanned from Ruth’s scrapbook as well as a transferred image from her photo archive with surface applied color. Recessed into the lid is another scan of Ruth’s handwriting overlaid with mica.