Mars and Venus


    © 2011
  • Dimensions (in inches): 11.5 x 8.25 x 2.25
  • Materials:existing bookwork (Lourousse Encylopedia of Astronomy), nylon thread, beads (hematite, jade) printout on acetate from Martin Company, color and black and white transparancies, wood, leather, non-glare & regular lucite, PMA, brass rod, glass eye, magnifying lenses (plastic and glass), glass bulb, various printed materials and images from other books and maps, book board, shellac, acrylic paint, mica, digital and original photographs.
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


From the Two Plus series, this work takes images and artifacts from the archives of my father, Thomas e. Bailey, and the woman who raised him (he was orphaned at 9), my great aunt Ruth Wheeler, to create a portrait of their relationship (or rather my perception of their relationship) to both one another and to myself.  About the series: For this series, I worked with objects that relate specifically to a characteristic embodied by either a particular individual, or to a time/place in my history that was governed in part by a specific characteristic. Thus the objects selected have either a direct link or strong associative link to particular characteristics. The series as a whole has developed into an examination of personalities both real and imagined and has led me down a not unpleasant path of wistful nostalgia.