Melon Persicum


    © 2003
  • Dimensions (in inches): 15 x 9 x .75
  • Materials:glass, fused pigment, cord
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


A Melon Persicum is a peach and signifies love and divination. This Coptic bound book is made with five sheet glass pages. Each page is smooth and straight at the spine with the remaining edges broken and sharp. Etched, engraved and painted plate glass with waxed cord binding. While ruminating and researching a dream I had in which I was eating a peach, I came across the following: In Alchemy: fruit transformative as fruit (old man becomes youth etc). Tree seen as image of alchemical opus and the fruit as its result. A kind of divine birth takes place in the tree. So 'divine food' dream refers to birth of new child but is also allegory for a kind of spiritual food growing as the tree of individuation.