Questions Dreams


This book work presents the English translation of Poem XIII from one of my favorite collections of poems by Pablo Neruda. Neruda’s The Book of Questions was completed only months before his death in 1973. The collection is a series of brief poems composed entirely of unanswerable questions; a culmination of Neruda’s lifelong commitment to revealing inner structures of thought and feeling that underlie all experience.

Created for the Morgan Paper Conservatory's 2017 Fundraiser using paper made at the Morgan.

Single-signature case binding. Each volume consists of a 3 folio text block; the first folio acts as decorative endpage, handprinted on translucent paper, the second holds the the text laser etched onto relief printed HM paper, the third is a gatefold print on translucent HMP paper.

Book of Questions , text © Pablo Neruda, translation © 1991 William O’Daly, Copper Canyon Press
private collection