© 2009
  • Dimensions (in inches): 7.5 x 7 x 1.5
  • Materials:paper, thread mica, laser toner, watercolor, gouache, wax, wood, cast acrylic, book cloth, book board, ribbon
  • Collection of: private collection


I made this work for the Morgan Paper Conservatory Snail Mail Paper Trail. Using papers provided by the Morgan, I went to town with the self-imposed theme of 'snail'
Snail class Gastropoda found in ditches, deserts, the abyssal depths of the sea. snails with a gill can be found on land snails with a lung found in water gliding along on a muscular foot covered with epithelial cilia waves of contractions move down the ventral. they walk over razors a layer of tissue covers the visceral mass snails need calcium (the operculum of some has a pleasant scent when burned = incense) most bear tentacles on their heads eyes carried on the upper stalks lower set olfactory a snail breaks food using radula chitinous structure microscopic hooks cuticulae in a quiet setting, a snail can be heard crunching radula tearing, eating. the snail grows, so does its shell secreted material added to the edge the center of the shell's spiral made when the snail was young hermaphrodites snails perform a ritual courtship inseminate each other each brood +/- 100 snails need calcium eat the egg from which they hatched cannibalization by babies of other eggs (even unhatched) has been recorded
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