Snake Box

This box is part of the Lovely and Amazing series. It is wrapped on the inside with surface treated laserprint copies from Ruth’s scrapbook collection of handwritten poetry (Emily Dickinson). The outside is wrapped with laserprint copies of scans from various books and online sources tinted and coated with pigmented wax. Inside the box a wooden box containing ribs and vertebrae from a Diamondback Rattle Snake - the the bones are magnified with a glass lens mounted inside the box opening. Resting on the bottom of the box is a photograph of the Ruth Wheeler holding on to a live snake with her teeth, age 77, taken on a birding expedition at Cherry Creek Reservoir. To the left of the photograph is a test tube stuffed with snake sheds and topped with a cork stopper. Also in the box is a brass rod with snake sheds formed into beads and strung, alternating with vertebrae from a Diamondback Rattler. The back wall of the box interior is a digital reproduction of a scan of tanned snake scan overlaid with mica. Suspended in front of the image are the preserved remains of a skinned snake (unknown species).

    © 2008
  • Dimensions (in inches): 12 x 6 x 7
  • Materials:Paper, laserprint, pigmented wax, birch plywoood, brass, preserved skinned snake, snake skin sheds, Diamondback snake ribs and vertabrae, glass lens, museum board, aluminum, (hardwood - specific species unknown), tempered hardboard, pine, acrylic and oil base paints, solid ink color print, mica, brass wire. Glazed with cast acrylic on front surface.
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