Lovely and Amazing - Someone Like You


    © 2010

    Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 4 x 1.75

  • Materials:wood, paper, ink, mica, acrylic, laser transfer, digital ink, book cloth, printing ink, photographs, book board, brass, cord
  • Collection of: University of Denver, Penrose Library Special Collections


The text block is five two-sided panels, collaged and laminated between laser etched mica sheets. The pages are sewn on hemp cords using a hidden interior book cloth hinge then lashed onto thick board covers. The interior book covers have recessed mica shapes with oil paintings over laserprint transfers. Both the front and back covers have mica overlays held in place with brass nails. Housed in custom box.

Part of the Lovely and Amazing series - an ongoing series celebrating the life of Ruth Wheeler, beloved biology teacher, naturalist, youth advocate and feminist who lived and worked in north Denver for 70 years. Ruth found the natural world a place of endless delight and shared her enthusiasm with many, including myself, her great-niece. She left behind a collection of biological specimens, notes and photographs which I have incorporated into a series of three-dimensional collages, boxes and book works.

Text and illustrations from Book of the Camp Fire Girls, © 1958 by Camp Fire Girls, Inc. from Photographs from original black and white reversal film transparancies taken in 1949 by Ruth Wheeler.