Tree Cankers- Book a Week Project


    © 2009
  • Dimensions (in inches): 4.675 x 4.875 x 5
  • Materials:book: color photocopy & inkjet prints, relief printed papers, decorative papers, ribbon, thread, book board box: book board, book cloth, paper
  • Collection of:University of Denver, Penrose Library Special Collections


Supported link stitch on tapes cased into a split-board with exposed spine. Nine stiff leaf pages each with a cut out the size of a 35mm slide into which painted images and texts have been mounted. pages were relief printed from a wood plank before assembly. Covers are color inkjet of scanned artwork from an earlier work. From the Lovely and Amazing series. Lovely and Amazing, begun in 2006, is an ongoing series celebrating the life of Ruth Wheeler, beloved biology teacher, naturalist, youth advocate and feminist who lived and worked in north Denver for 70 years. Ruth found the natural world a place of endless delight and shared her enthusiasm with many, including myself, her great-niece. She left behind a collection of biological specimens, notes and photographs which I have incorporated into a series of three-dimensional collages, boxes and book works.
Images taken from Ruth Wheeler's college biology notebooks, re-inked and scanned. Ruth was a biology student at the University of Kansas in Lawrence in the early twentieth century.