Turtle Dreams


    © 2017
  • Dimensions (in inches): Box 6 x 8.75 x .8
  • Materials: various papers, acrylic, oil, wax, kevlar thread, book board, book cloth, sea turtle bone
  • Collection of: Baylor University Libraries, Special Collections


I created this piece while exploring ways of guiding others to effectively meet challenges of presenting objects, images and text in one work. For Turtle Dreams I began with an object, in this case a bone from a Sea Turtle washed up on the shores in a fishing village in Mexico and gifted to my by a friend. I have had many dreams about sea turtles. Using those dreams along with a series of writing and format exercises I've developed for content development, I wrote and refined the text, which remains the first layer of the book's pages, now obliterated by paint. I then imaged the pages as prompted by the text on each panel. From an ongoing series of narratives inspired by objects that evoke memories, Sea Turtles includes a bone gifted to me with text derived from various dreams I had when I was working with a Jungian psychologist.
I read that turtles show up in the dreams of those whose death is near. That dreaming of turtles may signal a palsy of spirit. My dream turtles are cumbersome creatures traveling buoyantly through dark waters, fending off death so that outstretched limbs will reach dry sand and sunshine.