Two Hearts


A glass vial with screw top stands on a square wooden block. The vial is exposed when any or all of the four sides of the pyramid structure are opened.
Prior to exhibition the glass vial is filled with water and fresh or dried cherries, then sealed. Soon after initial assembly, this book interacts with itself as the cherries at the bottom of the vial begin to disintegrate and float upwards. The water undreneath is then tinted a pink, after several days the cherry starts to disintegrate, the pits (if fresh cherries are used) float at the top of the cylinder. If left long enough the water fades back to clear.
I began this life with two hearts nestled side by side. One hard, unyielding, able to withstand indifference. The other soft, expansive, growing larger and stronger with every beat. One has grown all round the other enveloping hardness with flowing, growing juiciness. When I die and am cut open, will it be a surprise to find I have two hearts? One a shrivelled pit of a thing, hidden and protected, surviving in the juicy depths?
Archives housed at University of Denver Penrose Library Special Collections.