Two Rivers- Book a Week series


    © 2009

    Dimensions (in inches): 5.75 x 3.25 x 1, opens to 11.5 x 13

  • Materials:Rives BFK, etching ink, laser transfer text, PMA, silk thread, mica
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


This panel book consists of 8 rigid panels sewn together at what would otherwise be the fold joints of a meander book. Original etchings are sandwiched between layers of mica, each panel then drilled and sewn to the adjacent panel with blue silk threads, which are left long.

The goal of my 2009 Book a Week (BAW) project was to reach quick and satisfying resolutions of a series of simple ideas . Each Monday I started a new book and finished it by the following Sunday. I followed these guidelines: A book can be as simple as a single sheet folded in half; avoid planning future book a week projects; do not re-do any of the books. I also decided that ,aking containers to house the books (boxes, wrappers, etc.) could be tackled later.

Some of the ideas remain exciting to me and have since surfaced as more developed projects. When I started the series, I did not know how long the project would last, assuming that that question would be answered as I continued. Which it was. After 21 weeks, the project started feeling laborious, the ideas no longer fresh so I stopped the series.

Text - Sam Hamill