Woven - Book a Week Project


    © 2009
  • Dimensions (in inches): 3 x 3 x .5
  • Materials:paper, thread, solvent transfer, ink, pigment, fabric, leather, pigment
  • Collection of: artists collection (available)


Stiff leaf, or board book binding of cyanotype prints on Rives BFK paper, hand and machine stitching, laserprint transfer text, and ink. Page edges are tinted with yellow pigment, the front and back covers are board covered with hand-printed and painted fabric, end sheets are lino-cuts on Rives BFK, as is front cover label. Spine is covered with embossed yellow leather with edges tinted with dark blue pigment. Seven pages spreads + endsheets.
from the collection Try poems by Cole Swensen © 1999
Strove the uncommon unto custom Thriving seemed and then arrived as the thread pulled and the needle screamed friend is searing skin and then received one more only how oddly any without end walked all the way to the sea Entire Please and that I must people clustered around fires (and the harbor still on fire) may I introduce (what object with the object of holding was the hand and why does closing the eyes make the edges more precise. You were born without a face. Stay. I’m coming to. This which disperses. Names were not entered. Lists were not made. No one was notified, Which is what is meant by why does) took shelter in invented an (a lie save only what in any case could not have been altered.)