Wind Water Stone


    © 2009
  • Dimensions (in inches): 9.25 x 6.25 x 1.75 (box)
  • Materials:mulberry, etching inks, laserprint transfer, glazed porcelain, paper, book board, bristol board, cloth, glass beads, ribbon
  • Collection of: University of Denver Libraries, Special Collections


Set of three accordion books with porcelain covers, housed in a custom box. The text for the set is based on a loose translation of Wind, Water, Stone by Octavio Paz. The pages are on a translucent mulberry paper
that has been relief and intaglio printed from plexiglass plates; the text is lasertransfer. The piece has an appealing interplay between the weightiness and density of the porcelain covers and the lightweight, airiness of the text blocks. Both materials are fragile in entirely different ways from the other. Each book contains one of the three first stanzas with the final stanza repeating in each book.
text based on the poem Wind, Water, Stone by Octavio Paz - translator not known
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